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Investing in a Used CPAP Machine is Worth it

Without health insurance, CPAP can be quite expensive, which explains why used CPAP machines are becoming so popular in recent years. There are now many different websites and other companies offering discounts on used and older model CPAP machines, but the problem is sorting through them all to find the ones that are the real deal, and not just trying to rip you off or take your money for a machine that doesn't function properly.

The majority of people who are required to use a CPAP machine while sleeping to help take care of their sleep apnea problems usually start off by simply renting a CPAP machine and all of the necessary components from a local medical supply company. 

However, even with proper health insurance, many people still have to pay some of the costs associated with their CPAP rental out of their own pocket, and over time this can add up to a lot of unnecessary expense. Still, without insurance, you could end up spending thousands of dollars on CPAP related expenses over the course of your lifetime, leading to many people looking for other alternatives.

Even if you're not paying any of your CPAP expenses out of your own pocket, there are still many other reasons why you should consider purchasing your own machine, no matter whether you decide to buy a new or used machine. 


For starters, if you're sleep apnea is serious enough that it requires the use of CPAP, you are probably aware of just how much your quality of sleep suffers without using the machine. For this reason, many people look to purchase a backup CPAP machine, just in case any issues or problems occur with their standard machine.


While technology has gotten better over the years, the truth is that these machines can still break down, and when this happens late at night, you will most likely be forced to sleep without the aid of this positive airway pressure, leading to a poor night's sleep due to repeated apneas throughout the night. 

This can be disastrous if you have a big meeting or presentation the next day, which is why it is highly recommended that you purchase a backup CPAP machine.

used cpap machineMany people also decide to purchase a backup CPAP machine to take with them while travelling. No matter what the reason for you deciding to buy your own machine, purchasing a used CPAP machine could save you a ton of money compared to purchasing a new machine. Still, there are a few things you should definitely be aware of before going out and buying a used machine.

Before Buying a Used CPAP Machine, Know This

used cpap machineAs you are probably aware, a CPAP machine delivers a continuous stream of air into a person's lungs, forcing its way past the soft tissue that is obstructing the airway and leading to obstructive sleep apnea. 

While you may think that the mask is the only part of the whole CPAP setup that could get dirty, the truth is that the entire machine can be exposed to bacteria or viruses.

For this reason, it is of vital importance that all used machines are thoroughly cleaned and tested before being resold. 

However, the problem is that many of the used machines you'll find for sale online, especially on classified ad websites like Craigslist, are either being sold by individuals or companies looking to make a quick buck. This means that most of the used CPAP machines you'll find for sale on these sites have never been properly cleaned and tested since they were last used.

While most people will give the machine a quick wipe down, this is still not enough to ensure that the machine and its components are completely free of potentially dangerous viruses and bacteria. For this reason, you should only consider purchasing a used machine from a company that thoroughly tests and cleans their machines before reselling them.

In addition, any used machine should also come with brand new bacteria/viral filters for both the intake and outtake ports. The intake filter first filters out the air coming into the machine, ensuring that viruses and bacteria are not allowed to take hold inside the inner workings of the machine. 

Still, if the filter is damaged, old, or otherwise not working properly, some things may slip past the filter into the machine. For this reason, it is imperative that the machine is cleaned properly to ensure that anything that may have gotten past the first filter and into the machine is removed.

used cpap machineThis is also what makes the second filter so important, as it ensures that the air coming out the machine and into your lungs is actually cleaner than the surrounding air in your bedroom. This is also the reason why it is so important that both filters are changed as well, or else you might be breathing in the previous user's germs and the like. Not recommended!

In general, a CPAP machine is no different that the ventilators used in hospitals, which are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in between patients to prevent risk of infection.

Used Bi-PAP Machines

If you suffer from central sleep apnea or another condition that requires the use of a Bi-PAP machine, the majority of these same companies also sell used Bi-PAP machines. However, you may still have a more difficult time finding a high quality, clean, used Bi-PAP machine, as the use of these machines is simply not near as common as CPAP. Nonetheless, with a little time and patience, you should still be able to save yourself a decent amount of money by finding a used Bi-PAP machine.

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