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How To Stop Snoring: Tips and Practical Advice

Many people are frustrated with using snoring remedies and devices that only work for a few days, or don’t work at all. This is why we are presenting you with these eight tips to stop snoring.

Clear Your Nasal Passages

If your snoring problems are related to blocked or constricted nasal passages, there are several things you can do to help clean them before going to sleep. By far the easiest stop snoring tip is to take a hot shower immediately prior to going to bed. 

This will help loosen any mucous that may be clogging your nostrils, and it is especially useful for those with allergies or a cold which is causing their snoring to worsen. Another option is to use snoring sprays which can also help to loosen mucous. Either way, be sure to blow your nose thoroughly, whether in the shower or after using a nose spray, because this will help to remove the mucous that you have loosened up.

Having a shower before bedtime also raises your body temperature, which then slowly drops again as you're lying in bed. This slow change in body temperature will help you to relax and fall asleep more easily.

stop snoring tipsAnother popular option for clearing out your nose is using a neti-pot, which is a device that you put directly into the nostril, which pours water or a saline solution into the nostrils. 

This is again to loosen up and remove any excess mucous that may clog your nasal passages. In fact, this a centuries old device that many people still report having great success with. The best neti pot we could find in terms of quality and price was the Himalayan Institute Ceramic Neti Pot.

Free Yourself from Dust or Allergens

If you find that your nasal passages are clear when going to sleep, but blocked when you wake up, then you probably have a problem with excess dust or allergens clogging your nostrils while you sleep. One of the biggest things that causes this problem is allowing pets on your bed. When a pet sleeps on the bed with you, you are constantly inhaling both pet dander and hair which can quickly block your nasal passages.

If you do not have pets or they aren’t allowed on the bed, then it is time to look around your room for other sources of dust or allergens. By keeping your bedroom clean and free of dust, you can allow your nasal passages to remain open throughout the night.

Staying Well Hydrated

This probably goes without saying, but it is extremely important for all aspects of your life and health to remain well hydrated throughout the day. Staying well hydrated does many important things for you, including keeping your nasal passages from becoming blocked with mucous, as well as keeping your mouth and throat well lubricated while sleeping.

In fact, making sure you consume enough water each day can go a long ways towards helping to alleviate your snoring problems. Although make sure you don’t drink anything too close to bedtime if you have issues waking up with the need to urinate throughout the night. The fewer disturbances you have in your sleeping patterns will definitely help you to sleep more soundly and snore less.

Stop Snoring Exercises

stop snoring tipsThis is one stop snoring tip that many people do not know about. There are actually quite a few tongue, jaw, and facial exercises that can be done which will actually help to lessen or even stop the snoring altogether. This is true for people snoring from both their mouth or nose. Snoring exercises take very little time to do, and most can be done while at the office or while watching television. 

You may not believe it, but singing and voice exercises are actually some of the most useful things you can do to lessen your snoring. This is especially true of voice exercises and warm-ups like the ones that professional singers use before a performance. 

Using Herbal Supplements

There are literally thousands of herbal supplements on the market which claim to help you sleep better and snore less. The only problem with these is that they work extremely well for some individuals, while others report very little to no difference when using these products. 


No matter what, you should make sure to check the ingredients list of any supplement carefully before deciding to use them, and it also wouldn’t hurt to check with your doctor just to make sure that you won’t have an allergic reaction or side effect brought on by the supplement interacting with any medications you are already taking.


Still, most of these supplements have been proven to help a person sleep more soundly, which should lessen snoring. Also, many of the herbs in these supplements have been used for centuries to help with sleeping problems.

Sleep On Your Side

Many people with snoring problems report that they normally only snore when they sleep on their backs. Still, trying to force yourself to not sleep on your back can be quite difficult and many people end up rolling over onto their back even if they fall asleep on their side. 

stop snoring tipsSome people recommend sewing a tennis ball into your nightshirt, which will make it uncomfortable and almost impossible to sleep on your back. There are also devices on the market that give the user a small electric shock when they turn on their back and start snoring, which wakes the person and reminds them to roll back onto their side. 

Finally, the very best option is to look at some snoring pillows which are especially designed to make back sleeping uncomfortable. Although some of them can be quite expensive, you should look at them as a worthwhile, long-term investment.

Our personal favorite anti-snoring pillow is the Sona Mild Sleep Apnea Pillow because it's the only pillow that has been officially approved by the FDA.

Try Using New or Different Pillows

This stop snoring tip relates to both clearing your nasal passages and also sleeping on your side. If you find you snore while sleeping on your back, then maybe you should consider a snoring pillow, which will force you to sleep on your side. 

If your snoring is related to blocked nasal passages, then using a new pillow can reduce dust and allergens and help you to sleep better. It is also recommended to put your pillow in the dryer on the fluff setting every week or two to remove any excess dust that may have built up.

Using Anti-Snoring Devices

The final stop snoring tip is to use an anti-snoring device if you find your snoring is unbearable. Some people report that these devices can be a little uncomfortable at first, but still it is always worth a shot if you are serious about stopping snoring once and for all.

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