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How An Anti Snoring Ring Can Help You to Quit Snoring

One of the most innovative and potentially useful anti snoring devices we have come across is a snoring ring. This device is for those who constantly struggle with snoring problems which constantly keep their partner awake at night. There are literally hundreds of different anti snoring devices on the market, however the majority of them can be quite uncomfortable and make it difficult to fall asleep.

Furthermore, many of these snoring devices claim that they will completely cure your snoring problem, but fail to provide relief to most people or only work for a particular type of snoring, such as nasal snoring or mouth snoring. 

This is what makes an anti-snoring ring so interesting, as it is one of the few devices we have come across that will in no way interfere with your ability to fall asleep or your sleeping patterns. While these snoring rings may not work for everyone, they are still quite cheap and well worth trying out. Also, they work on an ancient, time tested medical practice known as acupressure, which is well known to work on curing many different ailments and problems.

How Do Snoring Rings Work?

Many people are not familiar with the ancient Chinese practice of acupressure, so we’ll briefly explain how these rings use acupressure to help stop snoring. Acupressure is related to acupuncture, which uses pressure points to try and cure different ailments. 

snoring ringIt is also closely related to reflexology, which is the practice of using different pressure points, also known as acupoints or meridians, in the hands and feet to provide relief from a variety of problems, including headaches and even bad breath.

Traditional Chinese medicine has long had a focus on the balancing of the body, especifically the yin, yang, and chi. In acupressure, these meridians are specific places on the body which are said to have an effect on a certain condition. 

Often the meridian is nowhere near the actual place where the problem is taking place, which is why these snoring rings can be worn on the little finger and still have an effect on snoring.


These rings use a form of acupressure reflexology that is known as tuina (pronounced twee nah) that has been successfully used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 4000 years. The manufacturers of these rings claim that they can make a person completely stop snoring by applying constant pressure to a meridian on the inside of your little finger.


All stop snoring rings you will find on the market have a very similar shape and design. They are a traditional looking ring, except that one end of the ring is open to allow it to be put on and taken off easier. On the inside of the ring there is a small piece of metal that sticks out, which is what provides the pressure on the meridian point.

snoring ringThe rings are designed to be worn for around an hour before going to bed, so that the acupressure has time to start working before you fall asleep. Most manufacturers’ also state that you should never wear the ring for more than twelve hours at a time. 

To use the ring, you simply need to slip it over your little finger and make sure that it is at the very base of your finger. Each different brand of ring has a slightly different design, and all come with instructions for correct positioning of the ring. After you have the ring correctly positioned, you just need to give it a little squeeze to make sure that it is on tight.

For some people, the ring works to completely stop or at least reduce snoring on the very first night they wear it, however the majority of people will see little to no results until they have worn it for at least three to four nights. This is because the body needs time to adjust and get used to the acupressure treatment.

Best Snoring Rings On The Market

There are a variety of different stop snoring rings on the market and each one of them basically works in the same way. In fact, we have found little to no difference in these products, aside from the price, color, and the type of metal that the ring is made of. 

Still, like making any other online purchase, you want to make sure that the product you are purchasing is the real deal. This is why we have hand-picked (pun intended) these three stop snoring rings you can find below, as each of them are well known and should hopefully have the desired effect of reducing or completely eliminating your snoring problem.

AntiSnor- The Snoring Ring

snoring ringAntiSnor is the original stop snoring ring, and was first developed by John Woodley in 1999. It is the only snoring ring to receive patents around the world. This ring is made from sterling silver and can normally be purchased for $30.

Like most other rings on the market, it is available in different sizes, so make sure that you measure the diameter of your little finger before ordering to ensure a correct fit. The four sizes are Small (16 mm diameter), Medium (18 mm diameter), Large (20 mm diameter), and Extra Large (22 mm diameter).

Silent Knight Ring for Snoring

snoring ringThe Silent Knight Ring is a British made product that is available both online and also in many British pharmacies and other stores. It has a slightly different design from the AntiSnor ring, because it features two acupressure points

It is again made of sterling silver, although at $60, it costs twice as much as the AntiSnor ring and hasn’t been proven to provide any higher level of snoring relief. It is again available in four different sizes, although these rings run a little smaller than the AntiSnor, with the extra-large only being around 21 mm in diameter.

Snore Band

The SnoreBand is one of the cheapest products in the range, but that doesn't mean the quality suffers. It was especially designed for people who are looking to effectively reduce and eliminate snoring while still being on a budget. The band is worn on the little finger, and has two acupressure points built in. The device works by placing light pressure on the two points on your little finger that affect snoring.

snoring ringMade from high quality rubber, it’s comfortable to wear, and is made with a locking system that can resize, giving the band a universal fit. The ring can also be adjusted at any time if necessary. You can wear either just one, on either hand, or use two bands at once – one on each pinky finger.

Acupressure products for snoring are less popular in the USA than some other methods, but if you’ve tried mouth guards or nose pins and find them uncomfortable, then the SnoreBand may be the solution you’re looking for. However, on the downside, some users have mentioned that it can be difficult to find a size that is tight enough not to fall off, while not feeling uncomfortably tight on your finger either.

Some users report a complete absence of snoring while using the band, while others have reported at least a reduction.To gain full benefit from the SnoreBand, it should be worn only during the night, and removed upon waking. The SnoreBand retails for around $14.95. It comes supplied with a fitting guide.

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