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The Best Snoring Remedies For All Types Of Snorers

Snoring is a serious problem that affects over 30% of the adult population, which is why there are so many different snoring remedies available for purchase. The only problem is that with so many different snoring remedies available, it is hard to determine which one is best for you.

Luckily, we have narrowed the remedies down for you, and the ones you find below are some of the most popular, and of course, most successful remedies available to the general public without needing a prescription or expensive doctor’s visits.

The type of remedy that is right for you depends on the particular cause of your snoring: for instance, whether your snoring emanates from your mouth or from your nose. This is why we have broken them down into categories based on mouth snoring and nasal snoring. 

Keep in mind that these snoring solutions are only recommended for those with mild to moderate snoring, and not for patients whose snoring is related to a much more serious problem such as sleep apnea.

Snoring Remedies for Those Who Snore From Their Mouth

For people whose snoring emanates from their mouth, the cause is normally a partial blockage or constriction of the airway at the back of the throat. This means that it is necessary to reduce this blockage in order to help solve the snoring problem. There are numerous devices and medications that can be used to help reduce snoring which emanates from the mouth.

One of the simplest snoring solutions is a throat spray which will help numb the back of the throat and also keep the throat and mouth well lubricated, both of which will reduce the vibrations that cause snoring in the first place. Many people choose to try this particular snoring solution first because it is often the cheapest option, and one of the only ones which doesn’t require the use of a bulky or uncomfortable device. 

snoring remediesIf you are interested in trying a throat spray, then one of the best ones on the market is the SnoreStop Extinguisher, which uses FDA regulated homeopathic medicine to numb the throat and reduce snoring. It is normally available at a price of around $35 per fluid ounce, which makes it much cheaper than other similar sprays such as Breathe Right.  Due to this medicine being homeopathic, there is virtually zero chance of any negative side effects, which is why many people choose to start with this option.

Another snoring solution is to use a device that changes the angle at which you sleep, which can help keep the tongue from blocking the throat and constricting airflow. Some people have reported having success by simply using an extra pillow to keep their head propped up. 

snoring remediesHowever, many find this uncomfortable so they choose to buy a device specifically designed for this purpose. One of the best products in this category is the Comfort + (C+) Wedge System from VMK Innovations. This wedge is fully adjustable up to forty five degrees, which allows the user to find a comfortable position to sleep in, while also keeping the throat open by adjusting the angle at which you sleep. 

This product normally costs between $100 and $200, but is well worth the price as it is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to lessen mouth snoring.

Snoring Solutions for Nasal Snorers

If your problem is nasal snoring, then the products above will most likely do nothing to help alleviate your problem. This is why there are devices and medications designed specifically for those who snore from their nose.

snorepinOne of the most successful of this type of snoring solution is a nasal clip or plug, which fits inside the nostrils and applies pressure to the nerves inside the nose, forcing the nasal passages to remain open while sleeping. 

The only problem with these devices is that many people find them uncomfortable at first, and hard to get used initially. Still, these same people also report having quite good success using this type of device once they have gotten used to sleeping with them. 

One of the most popular of this type of device is Snorepin. The Snorepin nose clips are made using polyurethane which makes them much more comfortable and less obtrusive than many other similar devices. 


This product comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you will receive a new one if it ever breaks. It is also one of the only products to be able to stay bacteria free since no plastics or metals are used, and at only $25, it is a bargain for a lifetime of snore free sleep. It is available in four different sizes, and has a success rate of almost 85%, so it is well worth a try for those who suffer from nasal snoring.


Many individuals who suffer from nasal snoring do so because of blocked nasal passages. Therefore, a simple saline nasal spray can often help to alleviate their problem by clearing out the nostrils before going to sleep. 

snoring remediesOne of the most popular of this type of product is Xlear Nasal Spray which is mainly saline with a small amount of xylitol. This product is especially useful for those individuals whose snoring worsens due to allergies or a cold. By using this product to clean out the nasal passages prior to bed, you should be able to sleep much more soundly and quietly. 

Another very popular and somewhat similar product is Alkalol, which is a throat and nose wash made using all natural ingredients and essential oils. 

It is safe enough for daily use, and all natural, so many people prefer it over the saline nasal sprays which can result in a drying out of the nasal passages over time. 

Another great thing about Alkalol is that you can use it in various strengths depending on how severe the blockage is, all by simply diluting it with water or saline.

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