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What's The Best Snoring Pillow For Optimal Comfort?

For those who are sick of struggling night after night with snoring problems, there are many different devices you can use to get some relief, including a snoring pillow. These particular anti-snoring devices are special, ergonomically designed pillows, made to help people with mild to moderate snoring issues. Some of these pillows also work for individuals suffering from mild to moderate sleep apnea.

The majority of snoring pillows are most effective for those whose snoring problems are exacerbated while sleeping on their backs, and might not have much of an effect on other types of snoring. This is because most of these pillows make it uncomfortable, and almost impossible to sleep on your back. Still, there are also snoring pillows with a more wedge-like design which should also help reduce snoring by keeping the head at an angle which reduces blockages of the airways at the back of the throat and nose. 

There are many different snoring pillows on the market which can make it hard to decide which pillow is right for you. Here's our assessment of what we believe are some of the most popular and most effective pillows on the market. 

Science of Sleep: Snore No More Pillow

The Snore No More from Science of Sleep is reportedly the number one snoring reduction pillow on the market. This pillow was designed by a doctor with perpetual snorers in mind, and encourages better sleeping by re-aligning the head and helping you to achieve a better sleeping posture. 

This anti-snoring device allows for better breathing during sleep by keeping the chin up and off of the chest, which should keep the airways from collapsing onto themselves during sleep. This device fits almost any normal sized pillowcase and also comes with a washable cover which can easily be removed by simply unzipping it. 

snoring pillowThis pillow is probably one of the firmest anti-snoring devices you will find, and some people find it a little uncomfortable at first. Still, most people quickly get used to it and in fact, the majority of snorers will quickly find it so pleasing that they refuse to use any other pillow. 

However, the only minor complaint is that this pillow has a slight tendency to flatten with continued use, and may need to be replaced every 4 to 6 months. Nonetheless, most snorers experience almost immediate results, and ultimately are incredibly satisfied with this particular anti-snoring pillow. 

Another one of the best features of this pillow is the price: you can normally purchase it for under $40, which makes the Snore No More one of the cheapest products in this particular category. 

Anti Snore Pillow by Brookstone

snoring pillow10Brookstone is one of the most popular and successful home furnishing stores in the United States, and has again hit the nail on the head with their Anti-Snore Pillow

The Brookstone Anti-Snore Pillow uses a clinically tested design which reduces snoring while allowing the user to still sleep in their natural position, whether that be on their side or on their back. 


It feels like a normal memory foam pillow, however it is much more than just that. In fact, the pillow contains three support pads which can be removed to perfectly fit your sleeping style and give you the most comfortable, snore free night of sleep ever.


At only $65, it is more than affordable and very highly recommended. You can either purchase this pillow at any Brookstone store, or from online retailers such as Amazon.

Sleep Joy ViscoFresh Memory Foam Pillow

The Sleep Joy ViscoFresh is a contoured pillow designed to offer support for back or side sleepers. Made of memory foam, it contours and cradles both your head and neck. Made from high-density memory foam, the pillow is still soft, and hypoallergenic.

The pillow features a neck bolster to provide extra support when sleeping on your back, and also cradles your neck if you sleep on your side. This is reported to help making breathing easier through the night, which can also reduce snoring.

The pillow contains natural green tea and other plant based ingredients. This helps eliminate any foam or other chemical odors. It also has built in ventilating channels to provide better air circulation around the pillow. A number of customers also report a minty or tea smell. 

Most find it soothing and pleasant, but if you are particularly sensitive to smells or perfumes then this pillow may not be suitable for you. However, several reviewers mentioned that the mint smell faded or was totally gone within a few weeks of use.

snoring pillowThe pillow is made from a special polyester fabric called non-tex, a comfort fabric that stays cool, and also moves moisture away from the surface. The Sleep Joy ViscoFresh also includes a cover to protect the pillow and ensure a long life. Many users report using the device for a year or more and that it still works great.

The pillow’s dimensions are 16 x 22 x 6 inches. Some report that at 6 inches, the pillow is too high, and so it may not be suitable if you like a flatter sleeping surface. However, others have mentioned that it is very comfortable and supports the head and neck well.

The Sleep Joy ViscoFresh retails for around $40, and also includes free shipping with Amazon.

Core Products 4” C-Pap Pillow

For those whose snoring is related to moderate to severe sleep apnea, your doctor will probably have determined that you will sleep best with the help of a C-Pap machine, which provides a constant flow of air to stop snoring and allow you to breathe completely throughout the night. 

snoring pillowIf you already use a C-Pap machine, then you probably know just how uncomfortable they can be, and how the machine can take a long time to get used to. Still, there are things that you can do to help you get more used to the C-Pap machine and sleep better throughout the night. 

One of the most useful products for those using a C-Pap machine is the specially designed Core 280 CPap Pillow, and it's one of the best values for your money. This pillow is custom designed for those who need to sleep with a C-Pap mask, and will allow the C-Pap user to sleep comfortably without the pillow obstructing your use of the mask.

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