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Can a Snoring Mouthpiece Help You to Quit Snoring?

Quite a few people have found relief using an anti snoring mouthpiece or mouthguard, amongst the many products that are on the market. If you are considering this type of anti-snoring device, then there are a few things you need to know first.

The first important thing to note is that the FDA currently only approves anti-snoring mouthpieces that are custom designed and fitted to your mouth by a doctor or dentist. This means that companies cannot claim that their mouthpiece works to stop snoring, because most all mouthpieces you will find on the market can be easily fitted to your mouth at home, by yourself. 

Nonetheless, this does not mean that these devices do not work; it simply means that companies can’t claim that their device works to lessen snoring. This has resulted in the majority of snoring mouthguards on the market marketing themselves as mainly devices to stop bruxism (nighttime grinding of the teeth). 

If you've read some of the reviews of most nighttime mouthpieces on the market, you will find that many people have had quite a bit of luck using these devices to help them stop snoring. 


Of course, you can always go to either your dentist or an ear, nose, and throat doctor and have them make a custom fitted snoring mouthpiece for you, but this will probably end up costing you between $300 and $1000 after taking into account the doctor’s visits and the mouthpiece itself, and even after all of this there is no guarantee that the mouthpiece will be comfortable or work to stop your snoring. It's a choice you'll have to make.


If you are concerned about using a non-FDA approved device, then maybe this is the best route for you to go. However, many people recommend at least using the much cheaper, custom fitting mouthpieces first in order to see whether or not they will have any effect on your snoring. 

Below you will find a list of some of the most popular snoring mouthguards on the market, as well as honest information and reviews of each product. Keep in mind that some of these products claim to be only for bruxism, but that is merely to do with the FDA regulations.

snoring mouthpieceThe Doctor's NightGuard

The Doctor's NightGuard is a two-layered design mouth guard, meant to assist with reducing night time teeth grinding.

The mouth guard was designed by a group of professional dentists to help prevent damage done to teeth due to nighttime bruxism. The mouth guard is designed in two layers. The top layer is soft to cushion your teeth and absorb any grinding, while the bottom layer is firm to help prevent it from happening.

The guard features a fitting channel to ensure that the guard locks in place while you sleep. It also has a patented slanted front, keeping the guard away from gums and lips, making for a more comfortable fit.

The product is a single guard that fits over your top teeth only. Once molded successfully, it should stay on your upper teeth once you open your mouth. If it is too long, it can be shortened using sharp scissors.

The Doctor's Nightguard is custom molded to your mouth at home using an easy heat and fit process. The company also offers a fit guarantee. If it doesn’t fit, you can return the product.

The guard also features a slim design. Some users of other products report problems with the more bulky options available, and so if you have a small mouth or are sensitive to the feeling of something in your mouth overnight, you may find this guard more comfortable.

One thing to note is that the guard is not recommended for suffers of TMJ, and so if you have this condition this mouth guard will likely not suit your needs.

The Doctor's Nightguard ships with a storage container, making transporting the mouth guard easy.

Serenity Sleep Aid Custom Mouthguard

Serenity is one of the products which has followed the FDA regulations and only markets their device as a solution to nighttime bruxism; however a quick look at the reviews will show you that many people have had good success using this product to help them stop snoring as well. 

It can be custom fitted to almost any size mouth, quickly and easily, all in the comfort of your own home. The mouthpiece is made from a comfortable gel material that requires boiling to get it to conform to your mouth before using it the first time. Just make sure that you closely follow the step-by-step instructions in order to get the best possible fit. 

snoring mouthpieceOne of the best things about this particular mouthguard is that it is much more durable and long lasting since it is designed to deal with the stress that grinding and clenching your teeth can put on the mouthguard. Still, it is best if you change the mouthguard every six months or so, mainly for hygiene reasons. 

Many people have reported problems with mouthpieces falling out at night, or feeling like they are going to swallow or choke on them. However, there seems to be much less instance of this with the Serenity Sleep Aid, and most people report not even noticing it is there after a night or two. If you have problems with bruxism, as well as snoring, then this is definitely the perfect product for you, as it will help to alleviate both issues.

Grindfree Mouth Guard

The Grindfree Mouth Guard is designed to help with many dental problems that interrupt sleep, including grinding, clenching, bruxism, and TMJ. It can also help if you have problems sleeping because you sleep with your mouth open.

The guard is a moldable single piece, and comes with a travel case included. It’s made of FDA approved food grade EVA material. Although marketed as a device for bruxism and jaw problems, many users also report that the guard helps with snoring problems.

The device is custom molded to your mouth following a simple process, which can be done at home. To mold, immerse the guard in hot water for a short time, and then insert it into your mouth to form an exact match of your teeth and gums.

snoring mouthpieceMany reviewers also report that the guard is very soft and comfortable, unlike other devices which they have found to be too hard, sometimes to the point of being painful when they grind. Some reviewers do comment on the bulkiness of the guard, and so if you have a small mouth or are sensitive to items in your mouth as you sleep, then this may not be suitable for you.

Because it is a one piece guard, some reviewers whose bites are not aligned, or who have problems with their jaw being misaligned reported problems with both accurately molding and then using the device. If you have an overbite or a jaw alignment issue, then this may not be the right mouth guard for you.

The Grindfree Mouth Guard sells on Amazon for around $22.95, which is a more than half price saving on the list price. The supplier also offers a money back guarantee with a full, no questions asked refund if you are not happy with the device.

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