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Get Snoring Help Before Things Get Out of Hand

Losing sleep because of a partner’s snoring is one of the most common complaints in the world. Luckily, there is always snoring help available to ensure that both you and your partner are finally able to get a good night’s rest. People have long been looking for help to stop snoring, and finally there are ways to get rid of your snoring problem once and for all.

Snoring can be caused by a number of different problems and ailments, so the options for snoring help are extremely varied. There are many natural or non-invasive products available online and in stores that are designed to help with snoring problems. Still, if you or your partner has issues with snoring, it is always best to visit a doctor first, as snoring could be a sign of a much more serious problem. Your doctor should be able to diagnose the cause of the snoring and determine which type of product or device will work best to help stop snoring. 

The doctor may also try to recommend medication for snoring or even laser surgery for snoring to help alleviate the problem, however unless it is caused by a serious medical condition, you are always best to exhaust all of the other cheaper and less invasive options first. Still, if you have tried the different options available in stores and nothing seems to help, then it may be time to visit a specialist so you can finally get the snoring help you need.

Where to Find Snoring Help

Some people try for years to get help to stop snoring with little to no luck and feel like giving up hope of ever fixing their problem. If you are one on these people, then you are left with little other option than to visit a specialized sleep center where they can help diagnose and cure your sleep issues. 


A sleep center is a specialized medical clinic with a team of ear, nose, and throat experts whose sole job is to help people with sleeping disorders. These clinics are usually the last resort for people who have tried all of the other snoring help treatments available. 


This is primarily due to the fact that these clinics can be quite cost prohibitive especially if the doctors determine that they need to perform a sleep study to help diagnose the cause of the sleeping disorder. Still, if you are serious about finding someone to help stop snoring, then these clinics are your best bet. 

Procedures Available to Help Stop Snoring

While medical procedures should be a last resort for snoring help, they usually have a fairly high success rate and may finally fid of your problem. Most of the procedures are minimally invasive and can be done in one office visit, however sometimes the doctors may decide that surgery is necessary to fix the problem. 

  • snoring helpThe Pillar Procedure™

The patented Pillar Procedure has been approved to treat snoring and sleep apnea by the FDA and is probably the most common procedure performed to help stop snoring, and is available at most sleep clinics. Often times, snoring is caused by issues with the soft palate, which is the soft part of the top of your mouth. 

This procedure involves numbing the area with an anesthetic gel, then inserting between three and five synthetic “pillars” which eventually help to stiffen the palate and reduce snoring by causing scar tissue to form. This cuts down on vibrations in the palate which often cause snoring.

Snoring and Sleep Centers in the United States

There are literally thousands of snoring and sleep centers in the United States, almost all of which are private clinics. A quick search online will likely turn up at least one in your area, still, like all other clinics, some are much better and more reputable than others. You should do a little research to ensure that whichever clinic you choose has a good reputation for curing sleep and snoring disorders. The two clinics mentioned below are some of the most reputable and successful places to finally get the snoring help you need.

The University of California- Los Angeles Health System is one of the best and most state of the art hospital systems in the United States, and their Snoring and Sleep Apnea Center is world renowned for using the latest technology to find new snoring remedies.

The center is part of the larger UCLA Division of Head and Neck Surgery and has a team of seven of the best ear, nose, and throat doctors in the world. The entire hospital system is state funded, which can help to make it less cost prohibitive than many of the other private clinics around. However, as they are regarded as one of the top sleep centers in the world, it can be quite difficult to get into except in very rare or serious cases.

snoring helpThe Snoring Center was originally founded in Dallas, Texas by ear, nose, and throat specialist Dr. Craig Schwimmer, who has been continually ranked as one of the best doctors in Texas. The clinic now has locations all across the US, in Chicago, Dallas, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Fort Worth, Austin, and Newport Beach, and they hope to open more clinics in other US cities in the future. 

Most procedures at this clinic cost between $1000 and $3000, and they even offer home sleep studies which are much less expensive than traditional clinic based sleep studies which require the patient to stay at the clinic for several nights so their sleep can be observed. Overall, this is one of the most reputable private clinics in the country.

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