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A Snoring Chin Strap Can Mean a World of Difference

A snoring chin strap is one of several devices available if you are tired of snoring through your mouth while sleeping, and are in desperate need of some relief. It wraps from the top of the head to around the chin, and helps to keep the mouth closed and the jaw properly aligned while sleeping, which should help those with mild to moderate sleeping issues.

Due to the way that a snoring chin strap works, it is most effective for people who snore through their mouth and will therefore not have much of an effect on reducing snoring for those who with obstructed nasal passages. People with nasal snoring would be better off trying an anti-snoring device that is designed specifically for this issue, such as a nasal clips/ plug, nose spray, or nose strip such as those designed by Breathe Right. 

Still, if you snore through your mouth, then a snoring chin strap might be just what the doctor ordered. By keeping your mouth closed and your lower jaw pushed forward, you should be able to diminish or completely eliminate your snoring problems. 

One of the best things about this type of anti-snoring device is that it is quite a bit cheaper than the others on the market, and you should be able to purchase a high quality product for less than $20, which is a huge difference when compared to the majority of other snoring devices you will find. 


Nonetheless, if you have ever experienced any jaw problems, including difficult chewing or swallowing, or TMJ, then you should probably stay away from the snoring chin straps, as they might may make your jaw problem much worse and could cause serious damage in the long run. In this case, please consult your doctor first for some professional advice!


If you are considering a snoring jaw strap, then you need to make sure that the product you are purchasing is going to be both comfortable enough to sleep in and also sturdy and secure enough to stay on all night while you are sleeping. Luckily, we have reviewed the most popular devices on the market, and below you can find honest information on the best devices money can buy.

Avalon Aire Snoring Chin Straps

snoring chin strapAvalon Aire is one of the premier manufacturers of snoring jaw straps, and they produce multiple versions available in different sizes, all of which can normally be purchased for under $25

Overall, these straps are probably the best on the market, however there is one thing to keep in mind when purchasing these products: they tend to run small, so make sure that you purchase one of the larger sizes, or an adjustable size, unless you happen to happen to have an extremely small skull or are purchasing the device for a child. 

Even if you purchase the largest size, you should expect the strap to be quite tight for the first few nights, although it should eventually start to stretch out after a few nights use. 

The Ruby Chin Strap by Avalon Aire is one of the most basic models that the company produces, however it is also one of the least obtrusive. This particular chin strap is probably best suited for those with mild to moderate snoring, and if you suffer from severe snoring problems, then you should probably consider purchasing either the Premium or the Super Deluxe Chin Strap by Avalon Aire.

The Premium Chin Strap from Avalon Aire comes with a slightly thicker black strap, which is adjustable around the back of the head. This strap has a much wider band around the chin and top of the head, and thus provides more stability for the chin and jaw. Still, it is not nearly as wide as the Super Deluxe model. 

This strap is made of lightweight, breathable nylon foam which not only keeps the mouth closed while sleeping, but also reduces the amount of sweating and heat retention which many people experience when using snoring chin straps. 

snoring chin strapProbably the biggest advantage of this model is that it is not only adjustable, but also costs less than $5, so replacing it shouldn’t be a problem if it ever gets stretched out or damaged due to continual nightly use.

The Super Deluxe Chin Strap from Avalon Aire is made of a very soft, open membrane material which is more breathable than either of the other two straps. This product also features a much wider band than the other two, making it even that much more effective at keeping the mouth closed while sleeping. 

Still, there is one complaint that many people have about this product, and that is that it does not fasten around the back of the head like the other two, which makes it more likely to slip off during sleep, especially if you are one who frequently tosses and turns while sleeping. Nonetheless, many people also find it much more comfortable and easier to get used to, which is partly why it is so popular.

The Neoprene Chin Strap

This particular chin strap is not only effective at reducing snoring, but can also help to solve a whole host of other sleeping problems

snoring chin strapIn fact, the manufacturer’s even claim that it can help those who have problems with frequently needing to go to the bathroom throughout the night, although these claims have yet to be substantiated. 

The Neoprene Chin Strap fastens around the chin, and has two bands which go around the top of the head, on each side of the ears, which makes it more secure and comfortable than some of the other products on the market. 

The only problem with this particular anti-snoring device is that it can be quite a bit more expensive than many others, and can sometimes cost as much as $60, although Amazon often has it on sale for less than $15. If you have tried the other devices and had no luck, then this device is definitely worth a shot.

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