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Help on Finding a Snoring Center in Your Area

Also known as a sleep clinic, a snoring center is a medical facility which specializes in snoring problems and sleep disorders, and one of these clinics may be able to offer you the relief you have been so desperately searching for all these years.

Simply put, these clinics are medical facilities that provide a number of different options for curing or lessening snoring problems, as well as treatments for other sleep disorders. The options normally range from minimally invasive to complex surgical procedures, as well as prescribing anti-snoring devices. 

Most clinics also offer sleep studies, also known as a polysomnogram, which can help determine the cause of your snoring and whether or not it is related to a sleeping disorder or if it is simple snoring.

Top Snoring Centers in the United States

If you are considering paying a visit to one of the sleep centers, it is important to choose one that has a proven record of curing snoring problems or at least providing some form of permanent relief which should finally allow you and your partner to get the uninterrupted sleep you urgently need. 

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the most successful and well respected snoring clinics around the country to help you narrow down to your choice. No matter what part of the country you live in, you should be able to find a center somewhere near you that can help.

snoring center10When discussing snoring clinics, no discussion could be complete without first mentioning The Snoring Center which is one of the most well respected private snoring clinics in the country. They have offices in 8 different cities across the country (Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, Texas; Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, California; Chicago, Illinois).

They are the number one provider of snoring procedures in the United States. 

They have a team of certified specialists dedicated to providing snoring relief at each of their offices, each of which has years of experience in the field. So you can be confident that they can offer you several different treatment options for helping to treat your snoring problems.

If the doctors decide it is necessary for you to undergo a sleep study, then the clinics also offer home sleep studies which are much cheaper and less invasive than traditional sleep studies which require you to spend a night hooked up to all sorts of machines in a sleep clinic. 

One of the most popular procedures offered by these centers is called the Pillar Procedure, which is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that involves inserting small hard devices directly into the soft palate tissue at the back of the mouth. 

The pillars themselves help to stiffen the palate and keep it from collapsing and blocking the throat, which should take care of the problem for most mouth snorers. The procedure itself also causes scarring of the soft tissue which further tightens and hardens it.


Overall, The Snoring Center is one of the best clinics around, but if there isn’t one in your area, don’t worry, you still have other options.

  • Eos Sleep (formerly the Manhattan Snoring and Sleep Center)

snoring centerFor those on the east coast of the US, Eos Sleep (originally known as the Manhattan Snoring and Sleep Center) might be the perfect snoring clinic for you. Starting with only one clinic in Manhattan, Eos Sleep has branched out and now has three clinics in New York City, as well as clinics in Philadelphia, Long Island, San Francisco, and San Jose

Eos Sleep’s entire operation is led by New York’s premier snoring and sleep specialist, Dr. David Volpi, who works in conjunction with a team of specialists, including surgeons and otolaryngologists to provide some of the newest and most successful snoring treatments available.

The types of procedures available at Eos Sleep are virtually the same as with other snoring clinics, although Eos Sleep does provide a few more surgical options than other centers.

If you are located in Florida or the southeastern United States, then you should consider having a consultation at Dr. Randall Latorre’s Florida Center for Snoring, which is Florida’s premier snoring and sleep center. The center has offices in both Tampa and Trinity which offer many different surgical and non-surgical options for snoring and sleep disorder treatment. 

Dr. Latorre is respected around the world for his work on snoring disorders, and you definitely cannot go wrong with visiting his clinics.

For those in the Midwest, the Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment Centers might be the answer for you. This clinic has five different locations all around Wisconsin, including Milwaukee, Appleton/Green Bay, Waukesha, Wauwatosa, and Kenosha/Racine, which specialize in treating the problems associated with a wide variety of snoring and sleeping disorders, including primary snoring, sleep apnea, and many others. 

The Snoring and Sleep Apnea Centers are one of the few clinics in the country to offer one hundred percent free testing and screenings to determine whether your snoring is related to a more serious sleeping disorder. 

snoring centerIf you live in the mountain west, then Dr. Callendar and his staff of specialists at the Colorado Snoring and Sleep Center in Arvada, Colorado are there to help you overcome your snoring problems. 

Dr. Callendar is another world renowned sleep and snoring specialist, and his clinic offers a number of different treatment options, including the Pillar Procedure and many others. 

While not being as large as the other snoring clinics we have mentioned, the Colorado Snoring and Sleep Apnea Center is nonetheless recognized for their incredibly high success rates at treating snoring problems and sleeping disorders through surgical procedures.

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