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Sleep Innovations: Immerse Yourself in Quality Sleep

If you are looking to get a better night’s sleep, then you would be well off to invest in one of the many products manufactured by Sleep Innovations. The company uses breathable “memory foam” in many of their products, which is a technology developed for NASA.

Molding itself to your body and responding to your body temperature, this type of foam can provide you with the best possible sleep quality. The foam also can also help keep you healthy, as it relieves pressure points and improves circulation. The current version of memory foam has been greatly improved since it was invented, to become what it is today: the best stuff you can sleep on.

Sleep Innovations Mattresses
Many different mattresses are available on the market which claim to help you get a better night’s sleep, however almost none of them compare to the ones manufactured by SI. If you are looking for a high quality mattress, you cannot go wrong with any of the products they produce, no matter which technology they employ. 

One of the most popular mattresses is the Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress, which is available in several different thicknesses. Although the 10 inch mattress is probably the best selling and highly recommended over the 8 inch, if you’re main concern is comfort, then you should have a look at the 12 inch mattress which normally costs only a little more than the 10 inch variety. These mattresses are available to fit any size of bed and will provide you with one of the best night’s sleep you will ever get.

SI Mattress Toppers

 If you already have a mattress you love, you might want to consider upgrading it with a mattress topper, also available in several thicknesses. With the mattress toppers, you have the choice between the Memory Foam version and a Sculpted Comfort version. The Memory Foam allows for a cooler night’s sleep, while the Sculpted Comfort better fits the contours of your body. Either version is highly recommended and will definitely give you one of the best night’s sleep you’ve ever experienced.

SI Pillows

sleep innovationsIn addition to providing excellent mattresses, SI also produces some of the best pillows in the world using their patented technologies. All of their pillows are great, but if you are really looking for something special, then we suggest you check out the Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Many people love the feeling of turning over the pillow and experiencing the coolness from the other side, but with this pillow you will always get that nice cool feeling. These pillows are made from 75% cotton and 25% polyester and feature a Cool Touch Memory Foam layer that doesn’t absorb heat. 

Underneath that layer is another layer of traditional memory foam, which when combined together makes one of the most comfortable pillows ever made.


If none of these products suit you, you can always find many more online featuring all of the different sleep technologies patented by Sleep Innovations. However, these are by far the most popular products available and come very highly recommended and they are all extremely well-reviewed. No matter what product you choose, we can almost guarantee you will sleep better and wake up feeling well rested and ready to tackle the day. 


Some of the Technologies Used By Sleep Innovations

  • sleep innovationsSureTemp™
SureTemp™ is an advanced open cell technology that helps you maintain the perfect temperature when you sleep. It allows airflow and makes sure that you do not get too hot. This is especially useful for people who suffer from night sweats. This foam conforms to your body, and will give you the feeling of having found the perfect mattress.

Some of the key factors in SureTemp™ are:
  • Breathability: will keep the right temperature all night long, no matter what season it is.
  • Enhanced durability: products that use SureTemp™ technology will last for years and years.
  • Comfort and support: by molding itself to your body and allowing perfect airflow, SureTemp™ will make you feel more comfortable in bed than you ever have before.
Gel Memory Foam

Gel Memory Foam is created using infused gel beads that guarantee maximum comfort. Your sleep temperature will be perfect, and you will wake up feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. People with neck and back issues will especially benefit from this technology. Furthermore, the gel beads allow great air circulation through the foam cells, which will allow you to stay at the right temperature.
  • Luratex®
Luratex® is another one of the patented technologies offered by Sleep Innovations. You will get optimal, resilient support that relieves pressure points and ensures comfort like you have never experienced before. A lot like latex, this type of material uses an elastic cell structure to create a firm, yet buoyant, mattress. Nonetheless, people with latex allergies will be happy to know that Luratex® is non allergenic.
  • CustomWave™
The CustomWave™ collection is another fabulous technology. You will get a great sleeping experience with this technology that uses contoured layers for optimal airflow and ease. These uncompressed layers have air channels in between them, which is what makes it so unique. The support products containing this technology provide is out of this world. CustomWave™ provides great relief of pressure points, which will make you wake up feeling like a new person.
  • sleep innovationsCustomFlex™
The CustomFlex™ collection is the best Sleep Innovations have to offer. Using advanced technology and make with very high standard, the type of foam works to you give you the ultimate, custom sleep experience. 

This type of mattress is especially recommended to people suffering from a sleep disorder or abnormal sleep behavior. The top comfort layer of mattresses rests on the CustomFlex™ layers, and conforms to your body instantly when pressure is applied. CustomFlex™ products are made from the aforementioned Luratex®.

Website: Sleep Innovations Inc.

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