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Which of These Sleep Apnea Masks is Right For You?

Using a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine and a sleep apnea mask sometimes is the only way to find relief and to sleep more soundly for those who struggle with obstructive sleep apnea. If you have been diagnosed with moderate to severe sleep apnea, then your doctor has probably already recommended that you try to use a CPAP machine to see if it provides relief from your symptoms.

However, many people are unwilling to try CPAP or have tried it and find that the CPAP machine and mask makes it difficult for them to fall asleep. The main complaints are that the CPAP machine is noisy and makes it sound like their partner is sleeping next to Darth Vader, or else the CPAP mask itself is too bulky and uncomfortable to allow them to sleep. 

We'd like to push past that initial skepticism here, because it needs to be said that there have been a lot of recent advancements in sleep apnea masks and CPAP technology that may allow you to get the relief you need while still being able to sleep comfortably.

Choosing The Correct Sleep Apnea Mask

If your doctor has prescribed the use of a CPAP machine to combat your obstructive sleep apnea, then you most likely already know about how the machine works and the benefits it can have. However, one thing that most people are unaware of is that there are many different CPAP masks on the market, some of which are much better and much more comfortable to wear than others. 


This is why choosing the correct mask is so important, as the type of mask you use will determine how effective your CPAP treatment is and how well you will be able to sleep while using CPAP. When using CPAP, you will be connected to the machine by tubing that connects to the actual mask which should fit over both your nose and mouth. 

The American Sleep Apnea Association stresses that choosing the right mask is essential to how effective the CPAP therapy will be. 


sleep apnea masksThis is because the mask needs to create an airtight seal around your nose in order to provide the proper, constant airflow, but also needs to be comfortable enough for you to wear all night without discomfort. To choose the correct CPAP mask, you will need to look at several different factors. 

The first factor is the fit of the mask, basically how well it covers and seals around your nose. If you breathe through your mouth while sleeping, then you will need a full face mask that covers both the mouth and nose. 

The size of the mask will help determine whether it fits you or not, so it is important to choose a size that fits comfortably and creates an airtight seal around the nose or mouth and nose. Therefore it’s necessary to get a mask that is neither too large nor too small to properly seal. 

The mask needs to be airtight but not too tight, otherwise it might cause discomfort. This brings us to the next important factor which is the straps that keep the mask tight around your head. Ideally you will find a mask with adjustable straps so the mask can be tightened or loosened accordingly. The straps, also known as headgear, may be purchased separately from the mask, although many masks come pre-packaged with headgear.

The final factor is the style of the mask, which basically comes down to personal preference. The most common style of mask is a triangular shape which only covers the nose, although there are many other styles and shapes available. As stated earlier, if you breathe through your mouth, you will need to purchase a full face mask to fit over the mouth and nose, and you options will be slightly more limited with full face sleep apnea masks.

ResMed Sleep Apnea Masks

If we had to choose one manufacturer of CPAP masks and accessories to recommend, it would have to be ResMed. ResMed produces a wide line of sleep apnea masks, headgear, tubing, and other accessories, and all of their products are of the highest quality. 

Some of their masks include headgear, while others require headgear to be purchased separately. Nonetheless, they produce several different types of high quality headgear to fit all masks, so if you need to purchase it separately or simply need replacement headgear, then ResMed has got you covered.

  • sleep apnea masksResMed Ultra Mirage II Nasal CPAP Mask

If you only require a nasal mask, then the ResMed Ultra Mirage II is the perfect product for you. This mask is typically sold for around $50 without headgear, making it one of the cheaper masks on the market and it’s definitely also one of the most comfortable

This mask is an updated version of their popular original Ultra Mirage mask, with several improvements to make it better fitting and more comfortable. The best feature is that this mask provides support for your forehead in the form of flexible pads which contour to the shape of your head, providing stability and comfort.

  • ResMed Mirage Quattro Full Face CPAP Mask

If you have been told that you require a full face mask for your CPAP therapy, then we recommend you take a look at the ResMed Mirage Quattro which is the highest rated full face CPAP mask on the market. Like all ResMed products, it comes with a 90-day warranty in case of problems or defects. 

sleep apnea masksThe mask itself can normally be bought for around $110, and it is recommended that you also choose ResMed as your supplier for the headgear and tubing as well. You can find several options for ResMed headgear including universal headgear and some which is designed specifically for this mask. 

This mask has 24 different settings to contour to any size or shape of face and forehead, ensuring a great, comfortable fit. You also have the option to purchase additional cushioning for the mask. One of the best features is that the mask also helps prevent your jaw from dropping open while sleeping which can cause the CPAP therapy to be less effective.

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