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Try Some Yoga if You Want to Reduce Snoring

For people who have continued to struggle with snoring, you are probably tired of trying methods to reduce snoring which often just don’t work, or only work for a short period of time. Many people have tried different anti-snoring devices or other methods to decrease their snoring, but still without achieving their desired results.

Some of these other methods include losing weight, eating a more balanced diet, and avoiding alcohol, all of which should help reduce snoring and will also increase your overall health. Still, these are not necessarily the easiest things to accomplish in our modern, busy lives. 

This is why many people have turned to other methods such as using special snoring pillows or wedge like devices that either make it difficult to sleep on your back, or keep your head and chin properly aligned when sleeping on your back, all of which will most likely help to decrease snoring and allow the person to achieve a better night’s sleep. 

This will, of course, help your overall level of health. Nonetheless, there are also other methods you can use to not only decrease snoring, but to increase your level of health and fitness, which will in turn reduce your level of snoring even further, and may even completely eliminate or cure your snoring problems. One of the most successful of these methods is to start making a yoga regimen part of your daily routine.

Using Yoga to Reduce Snoring

The majority of natural snoring cures always require a lifestyle change in order to have any effect on your level of snoring. Luckily, yoga is one of the easiest and most fun ways that you can begin to make these changes. Yoga should quickly decrease your snoring, however unlike other methods; the changes will continue to become more and more dramatic the longer you continue with your daily yoga regimen, as it should also help you to lose weight as well.

The first basic yoga exercises we will focus on are what are referred to as pranayama, which are yoga breathing exercises. These exercises will help to increase circulation and lung capacity, as well as ensuring that your air passages remain completely open. 

reduce snoringThey will also help to strengthen the muscles in your throat and your face. All of these effects should go a long way towards decreasing or even completely eliminating your snoring problems. 

We will begin by focusing on these, because it has been proven numerous times that both breathing, chanting, singing, and other various snoring exercises will go a long way towards clearing obstructions from the nose and throat, as well as strengthening the muscles in these areas. 


Before performing any of the following techniques, you will need to make sure that you have a very comfortable mat to sit on (on the floor), and also make sure that this area is completely quiet and free of any and all distractions

You should plan on dedicating at least thirty stress free minutes a day to these exercises in order to affect a positive change on your snoring and your overall health.


The first pranayama is known as brahmari or the humming bee. You should sit in a comfortable position on your mat, with your back as straight as possible. This is why many people sit cross-legged (Indian style), as it keeps the back straight which will open up your airways. 

reduce snoringStart breathing from you belly for a few seconds to steady your heart rate. After this time, you should start to make a humming noise while you exhale, and hold your out breath for at least a few seconds at a time. 

Then you should breathing normally again for a few seconds before repeating the humming noises. Try to do this for a few minutes every day if possible.

Another useful breathing exercise is ujjayi pranayama, also known as the hissing breath. You should start this exercise the same way as the previous one, except breathing through your nose this time. 

Then begin to inhale through your nostrils quite forcefully (if you are doing it right, you should be making a raspy sounding noise). 

Hold the breath in for a few seconds, then close one nostril and exhale through the other. Repeat this exercise for a few minutes, alternating nostrils each time. This technique should be especially useful for those who snore through their nose.

The next exercise we will look at is a combination of a breathing exercise and a traditional yoga pose. It is known as simha garjanasana or the roaring lion pose. To begin, kneel down on your mat, then lean back so your hips are resting on your heels. 

reduce snoringPlace your palms face up in the space between your knees and keep your fingers spread open. The fingers should be pointing back at your body if at all possible. Then you should lean slightly forward while keeping your head titled back, and take a very large, slow breath in through your nose

Hold this breath for a few seconds, then open your mouth and stick your tongue out, before exhaling forcefully while making a loud AHHH, which should sound like a roaring noise (the louder the better). Repeat these breaths for at least a few minutes before moving on to another exercise. 

You should try to do this breath at least ten to twelve times, and more if possible.

The final exercise we will look at is just a basic yoga mantra. Sit on the floor in the same position as described above. Close your eyes and try to control your breathing for a few seconds. Then you should begin to chant the word OM over and over for at least a few minutes. 

Try to say the word in two separate parts, first with a very deep OOOOOO that comes from as far within you as possible, then a lighter MMMM. This is also a great method for meditation and relaxation, both of which should also help your snoring problem. These few yoga exercises done on a daily basis should quickly help to reduce snoring and let you sleep more peacefully, especially if done before going to bed.

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