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Ear Plugs and Snoring: Always Have a Pair at Hand

Ear plugs and snoring almost always go hand in hand, and although obviously this solution will do nothing to combat or stop the problem, many people are so frustrated with a lack of sleep due to their partner’s incessant snoring that they turn to wearing ear plugs when they sleep.

Ear plugs and snoring are such common bed partners that you can find ear plugs in a huge percentage of bedrooms in which one partner snores. However, if you or your partner snores, you should sit down with your physician and try to determine the cause of the snoring to see if there are any options to help, such as anti-snoring devices. This is especially true because snoring can cause serious health problems, and could also be a sign of a more serious health problem.

Nonetheless, for those who have exhausted all other options, earplugs can still be a great help for anyone who constantly struggles with snoring and can find no solutions. If you or your partner happens to be one of these people, then it is essential to find a pair of ear plugs that are comfortable enough to wear night after night and do not interfere with your sleep. Not only is comfort important when choosing a pair of ear plugs, but you also want to ensure that the plugs will stay in place throughout the night. 

Types of Snoring Earplugs

There are many different types of earplugs on the market, made from a number of different materials. Some of the most popular plugs are the ones made from malleable soft foam. However, you can also find plugs made from silicon, rubber, polyurethane, and even moldable wax

ear plugs and snoringMost of the over the counter plugs you will find are very inexpensive and disposable, and you can usually purchase them in bulk for somewhere around $10. There are also more long lasting industrial plugs which are designed to cancel out much louder noises, including chainsaws or jackhammers. 

These plugs normally must be molded or rolled and then inserted into the ear canal, where they will then expand to fit completely. Finally, you can also visit a doctor and get special, custom fitted plugs which are fully washable and designed to last for years. 


To determine the right type of plugs for you, it is necessary to determine how loudly your partner snores. The majority of the cheaper, disposable earplugs are designed to block out minimal levels of noise, so they may not be the best choice if your partner snores very loudly.


ear plugs and snoringIn fact, some people snore at a level up to 100 decibels, which is the same level as the noise from a chainsaw has. Some people even joke that they sleep next to a chainsaw all night long, and for these people, it may be better to purchase the re-useable, industrial variety.

Each brand of ear plug has to provide what is known as a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), which is the amount of decibels that they will block out. This means that if an ear plug has a NRR number of 40, then it would drop the noise level by 4 decibels

This means that if your partner snores at a level of around 90 decibels (between the level of a vacuum cleaner and a chainsaw), then the NRR40 plugs would drop the noise to 50 decibels which is lower than the average human speech (60 decibels).

Best Snoring Earplugs On The Market

There are literally hundreds of different brands of plugs on the market, some of which are better than others. With so many options, it can be hard to decide which particular pair to buy. This is why we have narrowed the options down to the products you’ll find below, each of which is a great option for snoring earplugs. Each product you will find below is both comfortable to wear and will stay in place throughout the night, while also being effective at completely blocking out the noise of your partner’s snoring.

  • Snoring Ear Plugs by Mack’s Ear Care

ear plugs and snoringMack’s Ear Care is one of the top manufacturers of ear plugs in the world, and produces a wide range of products which will completely eliminate the noise of your partner’s incessant snoring. Mack's Snore Blockers are one of their most popular versions, and are rated to block out up to 32 decibels of noise

This means that even loud snoring will be reduced to level of normal conversation. These plugs are made of very soft foam, and are incredibly comfortable and effective. These plugs normally cost under $6 for 12 pairs.

For those with smaller ears, Mack’s also produces both Dreamgirl plugs and Slim Fit plugs, which block 30db and 29db respectively. Both sets of plugs are again made from soft foam. 

These plugs block slightly less sound, but are also much cheaper. You can normally purchase 50 pairs for around $10.

If you are looking for non-foam plugs, then you might want to check out Mack’s Pillow Soft Silicone earplugs or Mack’s Snoozers Silicone Putty plugs.  Both plugs are made from moldable silicon which perfectly contours to the ear, and are rated to block out 22db. These plugs are slightly more expensive than the foam plugs, and can be purchased for $10 for 12 pairs.

  • ear plugs and snoringHearos Snoring Earplugs

Hearos is another very popular brand of earplugs, and produces several different lines of incredibly soft foam plugs. If your partner snores incredibly loudly, then we recommend the Hearos Xtreme Protection Plugs. These plugs have a NRR of 33 decibels, which is the highest rating of any disposable plug. They are also a great value, and you can normally purchase three packs of 14 pairs of plugs each for under $15. 

Hearos also produces a line of pre-rolled silicon plugs known as Hearos Pearls, which are great for those who do not like the feel of the foam plugs. These plugs block 22db, and many find them easier to sleep in than the foam plugs. They are available in multiple sizes and can be purchased for around $10 for ten pairs.

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