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Find Out About the Causes of Central Sleep Apnea

It is usually recommended to have a CPAP humidifier integrated into the device you are using. However, this depends massively on whether or not you need it. The humidifier works by adding moisture to the stream of air passing through the device. This helps reduce irritation and generally makes the process more comfortable for users.

There are two different types of CPAP humidifiers available. One the one hand you have heated humidifiers, which work by heating the water enough so that the airstream gathers moisture an increases the air temperature inside your mask. A cool passover humidifier uses water that is at room temperature to add moisture to the air. 

Which device you choose is usually down to personal preference and will depend on where you live. If you live in an area that is hot and humid, the temperature in your room will be high enough so that you will not need water to be heated. Some machines will give you an option of setting the temperature yourself but this depends on the brand and obviously the amount of money you're willing to spend.


Often times, people are not sure whether they need to use ordinary tap water or distilled water for their CPAP humidifier. There is no right or wrong answer to this question as it depends on the quality of water you have in your house. 


Distilled or bottled water is generally the best choice and this is recommended by most manufacturers. Using distilled water will in most cases prolong the life of the humidifier and reduce risk of infection, caused by bacteria found in the regular water supply. The general rule is: if you would not want to drink the water yourself, do not consider putting it in your machine.

Cleaning your CPAP humidifier water tub and replacing the water is extremely important. It is advised that this is done on a daily basis because your lungs are being exposed to the water. The water tub can only be rinsed clean with mild detergents. 

Refrain from using any harsh products that may taint the tub containing perfume, bleach, chlorine or ammonia. If the hose of the machine fills up with condensation, this is known as 'rain out' and can be fixed by ensuring your room temperature is warmer, and the humidity level turned down on the machine. The aim is to try to keep the tube, and the air inside, as warm as possible.

Best CPAP Humidifiers For Your CPAP Machine

Replacement Water/Humidifier Chamber for PR System One Heated Humidifier

cpap humidifierThis reasonably priced replacement chamber is meant to be be used on the PR System One Heated Humidifier and is both dishwasher safe and easy to disassemble. The part arrives exactly as listed and will fit your machine perfectly. 

It is far better priced than some others on the market and is cheaper than buying in a medical store near you. Most people who purchase the chamber will buy more than one at a time due to the excellent price. They are priced around $20.

If you have any queries about the product at all, the manufacturer is more than happy to help and the customer service has a fast response time. 

Considering the 5-star reviews, it would be foolish not to consider this replacement chamber for your heated humidifier.

Replacement Water Chamber for Respironics M-Series

The replacement water chamber for Respironics M-Series is a perfect fit for your CPAP device, and also comes with two style lids, square and round fittings. If you have ever struggled to find a good quality water chamber to replace an existing one, then look no further. 

cpap humidifierThe price is extremely fair for the quality of the product, which comes highly recommended. Many people worry about replacing their water chamber as they have purchased ones before that do not fit properly. 

However, there is no need to worry as this will not be a big issue at all. If you do buy this product, you will not hesitate to come back as a return customer. The only reason it would need replaced is personal choice, or accidental breakage. 

You should replace your chambers often to keep them fresh, as the moisture from the water is inhaled and needs to be bacteria free. This product is also easy to clean and small enough to be practical, and not an eye sore.

Humidification Chamber For Hc220 Series

There are many medical supply companies that would charge a 75% markup on this product for getting exactly the same quality. The Fisher & Paykel humidifier chamber for Hc220 Series can be cleaned with a brush but it is advised that you use distilled water in the tank itself. 

cpap humidifierEach chamber has two ports with one on the top and one positioned on the side. Although they are not included as part of the package, other components can be purchased for your CPAP device. Ultra fine disposable filters can be bought that will discolor when they need to be changed. 

If you are having trouble reaching the bottom of the chamber to clean it, you can try soaking it using one part vinegar and two parts water for twenty minutes. Unfortunately there is no way of opening the top of the chamber to clean it. 

Tubing is also sold separately but can be bought at a reasonable price. The biggest selling point of this humidifier chamber is definitely the price you pay for such great quality.

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