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An Overview of the Best Anti Snoring Devices

So you’re looking for help to stop snoring, but don’t want to spend all that money on expensive surgeries and treatments. Luckily for you, there are many anti snoring devices available over the counter that can help to alleviate some of the more common causes of snoring. There are hundreds of different devices to stop snoring available both online and in pharmacies and retail stores. They come in a huge variety of designs, some of which work much better than others.

Anyone who has snoring problems should probably visit their doctor as a first step, as the doctor may be able to help diagnose the cause of your snoring, and this can help you determine which type of anti snoring device is best for you. Snoring can also be a symptom of more serious medical conditions, so it’s best to rule these out first just to be safe. 

Overall, anti snore devices are extremely varied in both their use and price. They range from anti snoring devices that are inserted into either the mouth or nose to special pillows and medicated throat sprays. Some are designed to cure certain problems that cause snoring, such as the soft palate partially blocking one’s airway.

It is important also to note that some of the devices are useful for both normal snoring and snoring associated with mild to moderate sleep apnea, while others should not be used by anyone with severe sleep apnea. 


Before making a purchase, it is also necessary to determine whether the snoring emanates from the throat or the nose, as most devices are designed only to help with only one type of snoring. Therefore, you should always make sure to fully read the directions thoroughly to make sure that the device is right for you.

Types of Anti Snoring Devices

snore-exThere are two basic types of anti snoring mouthpieces: tongue retaining and jaw retaining. Both types are designed for people whose problems come from a blocked air passage in the throat. Tongue retaining mouthpieces are designed to hold the tongue in place which relaxes the mouth and throat and helps keep the airway open.

Jaw retaining mouthpieces are for those whose snoring problems are related to jaw placement while sleeping. These devices will move the lower jaw slightly forward to allow the air passage to remain open while sleeping. 

If you know that jaw placement is the cause of your problem, you can either buy an over the counter product or you can go to your dentist and have one specially designed to fit your mouth perfectly.

One of the best mouthpieces on the market is Snore-Ex, which not only moves the jaw forward but also holds the tongue in place at the same time.

These anti snore devices are special, ergonomically designed pillows that are designed to elevate the head and allow the throat to open up which can reduce snoring. 

One of the best anti snoring pillows on the market is the SONA Anti-Snore pillow, which is the only pillow on the market that has been approved by the FDA for use as a medical device.

Pregnant women will also benefit from a specialized pregnancy pillow that supports their belly during the last months of the pregnancy and makes their sleeping position more comfortable.

ruby chin strapAlso known as jaw supporters, anti snore chinstraps are devices which are designed to keep the mouth closed while sleeping. They consist of a strap which wraps around the jaw and top of the head. These devices keep the mouth closed, which keeps the soft palate at the top of the mouth from restricting the airway. 

These devices only work for those who snore from their throat. The Ruby Chinstrap by PureSom is one of the better options available and comes in two adjustable sizes as well as fixed small, medium, and large sizes. 

snorestopThere are hundreds of different anti snoring sprays available on the market, some of which are made from synthetic chemicals and others from all natural ingredients. The effectiveness of these sprays depends entirely on the person and the product, so individual results may vary.

SnoreStop is one of the best selling brands, and produces a line of all natural, homeopathic anti snoring sprays and tablets.

This type of anti snore device is a ring that is worn on the little finger and uses acupressure to help alleviate snoring problems. These products claim to cure either throat or nasal snoring and are much less obtrusive than most other products. The Antisnor anti snoring ring comes in a wide variety of sizes and is one of the most discreet and cheaper options on the market right now.

breathe fit snoring aidNasal dilators are anti snore devices that fit comfortable inside each nostril to open up the nasal passages while sleeping. They usually come in a variety of different sizes to fit almost every nose. They work by applying a small amount of pressure to the septum which allows for maximum oxygen intake. 

These devices usually work well for those with a deviated septum. One of the best nasal dilators on the market is the Breathe Fit Snoring Aid, which is much softer and more comfortable than many other similar devices. 

nozoventNose strips are small, hard strips that are meant to go across the nose. The majority of products have a sticky part on each end to keep them attached to your nose. Like nasal dilators, they are designed to open up the nasal passages to reduce snoring, but they are much less obtrusive and most people find them much more comfortable, although maybe not quite as effective. 

One of the best brands of nose strips is Nozovent manufactured by Scandinavian Formulas. 

Of course, if none of these devices to stop snoring cures you or your partner’s problem, there are always specially designed, soft earplugs that will completely drown out the sound of your partner snoring, no matter how loudly.

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