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All Natural Sleep Aids and other Natural Sleep Remedies

If you are having trouble falling asleep, sleeping through the night, or experiencing any other sleep disturbance, one of the most effect methods of treatment are all natural sleep aids. These natural sleep remedies come in a variety of different forms and are manufactured using a number of different all natural substances that are known to help a person sleep better. Many of the products use natural sleep remedies and herbal supplements that have been used for thousands of years.

One of the first steps in choosing an all natural sleep aid is to make sure that you are aware of any substances that you may be allergic to, as in rare cases people will have an allergic reaction, sometimes severe, to one or a combination of several of the herbs and chemicals in these products. 

If you are not aware of any allergies, it is still best to start with a small dose just to be sure. If you do not present any symptoms of an allergic reaction, then you should be able to increase your dosage to the recommended amount. It is also good to check with your doctor and read the warning labels, just to make sure that the sleep aid will not cause any complications with any prescription medications that you may be taking.

Like any other medication, natural sleep remedies should not be taken in combination with alcohol, as it can severely affect the quality of sleep you receive and also induce snoring during the night and waking you up feeling tired and groggy. It is also important to make sure that you will be able to dedicate a full eight hours to sleep when taking any of the products listed below, as again you will wake up feeling slow and lethargic if you are not allowed to get a full night’s sleep while taking any sleeping medication, all natural or otherwise.

Types of All Natural Sleep Aids
  • Natural Sleep Remedies Containing Melatonin

The majority of natural sleeping aids you will find on the market contain melatonin, and many use a combination of melatonin and other natural ingredients. Melatonin is chemical produced naturally in the body that helps to regulate your internal clock. The body starts producing melatonin when it gets dark, and basically shuts the production of it down during the day to help keep you from feeling tired. 


Due to melatonin’s effectiveness at regulating sleeping patterns, it is one of the most commonly used ingredients in natural sleep remedies, and you will find it in most all natural sleeping pills and tablets. Some individuals have success with using melatonin on its own, while others find that they need to take it in combination with other natural remedies to help them sleep better.


all natural sleep aidFor those who find melatonin to be sufficient enough to help them get a full night’s sleep, you can find melatonin supplements available online and in most pharmacies and places that sell herbal supplements. However, if you really want to sleep the night through, we recommend purchasing Sleep Right Melatonin pills. 

These pills contain five milligrams of melatonin in a tri-phase time release system, so it can constantly be released in your system, allowing you to sleep fully without waking up. Many other melatonin pills are available, but the majority of them are not time released like the Sleep Right pills, so you may still only sleep for a few hours.

If you find that the melatonin on its own is not enough to improve your sleeping habits, then maybe you should try it in combination with other natural sleep remedies. 

There are many products available which combine melatonin with other ingredients to product a more powerful sleeping aid. 

One of the most popular and most effective brands on the market is Nature Made, which produces liquid softgel pills that combine the power of melatonin with l-theanine, one of the ingredients found in green tea. Many people have found that their sleeping drastically improves with the Nature Made Liquid Softgels

Just take one table about an hour before you want to sleep, and then go to be as soon as you start to feel drowsy. Just make sure to test it out first, as some people report feeling extremely tired within a few minutes of ingesting the pill.

  • all natural sleep aidNatural Sleep Aids with Tryptophan

Another common ingredient in natural sleeping aids is L-Tryptophan (the chemical which makes you sleepy from eating turkey). If you find the melatonin products don’t work, then consider using Source Naturals L-Tryptophan, which may help you fall asleep due to the fact that it helps the body produce not only melatonin, but also serotonin, another key component of good sleep. These supplements will also help boost your immune system, keeping you free from viruses and bacteria that could further disrupt sleeping patterns.

  • Other Types of Natural Sleep Remedies

If you are not comfortable with taking sleeping pills, even if they are all natural, then there are several other ways you can take your natural sleeping aid. One of the most popular and time-tested methods is drinking a tea that contains ingredients designed to aid with sleeping. 

Most teas contain a combination of natural herbs that help reduce stress and allow you to relax so you can get a good night’s sleep. One of the best products for this is Yogi Bedtime Tea, which contains, among other things, chamomile to help you relax, and passion flower to help reduce stress and anxiety.

  • all natural sleep aidAll Natural Sleep Aids for Children

If you have a child who has trouble falling asleep, it is important to try out all available herbal and all natural sleep aids before putting them on damaging medications. 

Many people report having success with OZzzz's Sleep Aid for Children. This product is an all natural sleeping aid for children that is not only pediatrician recommended, but also comes in quick dissolving tablets in fruit flavors that your child won’t hate.

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